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Horse Riding

The most pleasent place to organize a horse trek around the lake is in Tariat. The people who will serve you are famous for horse training in this area. We have been organizing the horse trek business for over 10 years .There are several ways we do our horse trips.

1. Shorter trips include "Dead Volcano", "Bosgiin togoo", and through the mountainous Tarvagatain Nuruu stricly Protect Area .

2.A complete circuit of the lake on the horse back will take three days of travelling. On the way you pass two villages and visit some nomadic families. You will have a chance to exchange culture. It is best bring your own food, tent, and some extra clothes. You will sleep in your tent or you could sleep in nomadic's shelter. During the trip your guide will take lead you and your horse .

3. An interesting 7-day trip could take you west of the lake to "Noyon Hangai" hot spring and a big river named "Terh". On the way you could pass by an old monastry, temples, caves, valleys, mountains, rivers, and a lake.

It is best to bring your own food, tent, and some clothes with you .Your lagguage will be carried on the pack horse and your guide will be take care of them . Our guides and horses have an excellent reputation and our horses are very humble. Even their names have been given by other travellers.

4. Of course we have another trip. It will be the longest, grandest trip. It would take you to the west of the lake to "Tsetsuuhiin Rashaan " which is another hot spring. If you take that trip you could enjoy three different landscapes. The trip will be a 14 day trip. You have no worries about luggage. There is motor transportation that will follow the trip . You could use a car sometimes if you wish. Many people have tried our horse trips and all of them enjoyed the trips very much. Some of them keep coming back for more horseback riding . If you try you will enjoy it.

Here is the price of the horse trip

Per horse per day --- $15
Per guide per day ---- $10

If you rent horses from us for more then 10 days the price per horse per day will be less.